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1 month ago

Battle At The Barn

With the Battle at the Barn right around the corner, this is where it all started, the Winter Dome. This was one of the final races after the passing of Jim White. Enjoy this great video and pay close attention to some of the names that races every Saturday night in the Winter Dome!

Thanks to Jimmy Gustin for posting this gem of a video!

Visit for all event detailsI miss these days
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Travis Peters

I think my eyes still burn from the pavilion days.

This wan't the last race. We finished the season out.

Doug Vogel

Man that was the best

I sure do miss those cold nights of checking for pit passes!!!!

Mike Peters

Jimmy gave me that video to convert.. i have more on my channel!

Micheal Smith Jerry Vansickel 💪

I shared these yesterday


Timothy Hance

Man that was fun, I could watch this all day.

Justin Hawxby

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1 month ago

Battle At The Barn

Wonder if this would go great with the buddy race???

What Did I Just Watch?
Now you can play football on motorbikes! 😮⚽🏍️
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George Prescott Jr.

You no my partner and I would win this game

Brian Arrowood Cary Nason

Im game

Dominique Ray Magana


Jeremy Vertz John Housley

Jordan Baber

Lance Tungland

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2 months ago

Battle At The Barn

Speed Shift TV
HIGHLIGHT: The indoor racing season is already underway for some, checkout the Pro Animal Karting action from this weekends event at the Cedar Lake Arena!

You can view full on demand from this show on
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If only the track was that big. Haha

Jeremy Nieuwbeerta, If we would of went to cedar lake

2 months ago

Battle At The Barn

2019 Entry Form Now Available at: ... See MoreSee Less

2019 Entry Form Now Available at:


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Dale Heiderscheidt Becca Phillips

Dane Birkholz

Josh Oscarson

Sam Messel

Heather D. Richelderfer think she’s ready?

Paul Hartley let’s go!

Nathan Buchanan

Download the full form...

No quads?

No wing karts ?

Joe Menke Kyle C Nehman

Tyler Hagar

No lawnmowers?

Cant wait!!

Richard Yaw Jeremy Clearwater

Nick Heiderscheidt

Jacob Krug Bun Diesel

is the rookie begginer red plate ? and whats a begginer 1 year and less drivers?

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2 months ago

Battle At The Barn

Just a few days away
The fall shootout

Just a few things to get posted
#2 tow vehicles will not be able to stay in the pit area unless you buy a spot to put it in!!
#3 even if your pitted in the outdoor pitting you must by a pit pass anyone caught in the out door pit area with out a pit pass there driver/drivers will be disqualified for the event!
#4 make sure your kart number are easy to read from a far distance if the scorers can’t tead them you won’t be Scored
#5 pits will not open until 3 pm Friday I will park sponsors before 3 but only sponsors. SO THAT MEANS DONT PULL IN AT 12 PM AND PULL RIGHT UP TO THE INDOOR PIT BUILDING STAY BACK IN A LINE AND WE WILL GET YOU WHERE YOU BELONG.

There are still some out door paid parking spots available

I will be posting race order this weekend and any other things that need to get posted

Any questions please contact
Jake alton

Please share this with everyone so everyone sees the info they need
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Where’s this at??

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